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Flight 1130 Summer Tour 2023 Episode 1

It’s a summer of adventure for Stu and Jackie Jones as they visit poker runs around the country with the 38 Cigarette Top Gun flight 1130! The 2023 summer tour kicks off with the Cigarette rendezvous, presented by Performance Boat Center at Lake of the Ozarks, then travels 1500 miles north to Clayton New York,…


Mercury Racing Flight 1130 – Cigarette EP 5

With the newly rigged Flight 1130 Non Stop ready for the Key West Poker Run, Stu brings in the professional wrap team from BoatWraps and Glarb Design for the finishing touches. The result was the perfect wrap – a Top Gun fighter jet theme that captures the essence of the Flight 1130 Mercury Racing repower…


Mercury Racing Flight 1130 – Cigarette EP 4

In this episode Stu Jones recruits Lupe Vignola from TNT Custom Rigging for a test ride on the newly powered Flight 1130 Non-Stop. The Mercury Racing 565’s are showing top performance, and the pair discover a few minor adjustments will need to be done on drive trim settings and the digital indicators for the Mercury…


Mercury Racing Flight 1130 – Cigarette EP 3

We rejoin the TNT Marine Center rigging crew, as the Mercury Racing 565’s are fitted with new motor mounts and the starboard engine is lowered into the engine room of the Cigarette 38 Top Gun. This video puts us right inside the engine room with the skilled TNT technicians, as they carefully secure mounts and…


Mercury Racing Flight 1130 – Cigarette EP 1

Once upon a time Florida Powerboat Club got together with Mercury Racing, and a great concept was taken from lunch at the Miami Boat Show, to an amazing old school Cigarette Top Gun restomod, named PROJECT 1080HP! Fast forward five years, as Stu Jones reveals a new repower project with Mercury Racing 565 Stern drives,…