In order to keep pace, we keep updating video equipment and production techniques to stay ahead of the curve… all the while, managing a huge volume of video content from our constant calendar of events, some of which can exceed well over 100+ registered poker run teams.

Please review the details below so that we can better educate our members, viewers and social media followers. We hope this information answers your questions about our video production department, and the capabilities we now have to provide custom programming and videos for our members. As always, I invite our members to send me a personal email to answer specific questions that are not covered below.

What content and event videos/TV shows are available now?

BluRay Discs:

Florida Powerboat Club will usually try to keep BluRay video discs of all current events in stock, quickly available, for the most recent (12) months of events. For Example, any 2016 Production that was mastered to BluRay should be in our video inventory and can be purchased at the FPC office.  Any club member who participated in that particular event, will automatically receive that production upon completion.

We typically will not MASTER a separate souvenir video for a small event (20) boats or less , but rather will produce a sizzle reel for Youtube, and then later put a small segment together in the BEST OF (YEAR) Video title. Events that typically get their own separate video title,  include:

  • Miami Boat Show Poker Run
  • Tampa Bay Poker Run
  • Fort Myers Poker Run (returning for 2017)
  • Europe Poker Run (Porsche rally in Europe)
  • Emerald Coast Poker Run
  • Key West Poker Run

Current Productions—We just released the following videos:

  • Dec 2016: Emerald Coast Poker Run, On BluRay— We had some mailing issues, so if you did NOT get yours, please contact the FPC office: [email protected]
  • Jan 2017: Key West Poker Run 2016— We have completed and released on Youtube, Parts 1 & 2. (with two segments each week, leading up to the Miami Boat Show)
  • Jan 2017: 2.5 hour (150 minute) Best of 2016 Bluray, which showcases all the highlights of Florida Powerboat Club events in 2016. ALL participants of any 2016 event will automatically receive this video title, as well as Video Members.

For 2017, in celebration of our 25th year, since we began staging events in 1992, Florida Powerboat Club will endeavor to produce a separate, exclusive video title for every event that is on the FPC Roster…regardless of its size or boat count!

What videos are coming soon?

For 2016…We also started cutting out half-hour episodes of our feature length productions, like Key West Poker Run 2015…and already for Key West 2016…giving our members and viewers the chance to tune in on YouTube and watch segments as they are released. For Key West Poker Run 2016…we will release a total of (8) half-hour episodes, for a total of over 4 hours of programming, featuring the highlights of this signature FPC poker run event.

How is video content delivered?

1. BluRay Disc:

Our standard video delivery platform for all FPC Souvenir Event videos, will continue for the time being, as Bluray Disc. At 25 megs of data per disc, this format allows 5x the amount of media or data, than a standard DVD, and with the hi-def 1080/1920 HD video that we shoot, along with some 4K cameras we are now using, this is the only way to ensure excellent video quality. However, you MUST have a BluRay player to view this content. If you haven’t by now, its time to pony up $50.00 for a base model from any electronics superstore.

2. YouTube Videos:

Since FPC ended it’s broadcast arrangement with SunSports in Summer 2015, we been using YouTube as a video platform, and it has turned out to be the ideal platform for us in so many ways. We have less concerns about (censorship) of an overly sexy bikini, and can produce on our own schedule, and create any “style” or format. From this new-found freedom, FPC has released more “sizzle video” short productions, featuring fast paced edits, mainstream upbeat music, and a LOT of imagery in a short burst of three to five minutes. Additionally, we have posted entire back-episodes of Powerboating in Paradise TV on YouTube, and many of our viewers are seeing these episodes for the very first time, because they could not get SunSports on their normal TV programming.

Our YouTube channels collectively host more than 200 video productions, ranging from short 4 minute sizzle reels, to full length half-hour TV shows.

YouTube Channels can be found by using the VIDEO selection on the Website, or by searching within YouTube, under the following CHANNEL Key Words:

  • Florida Powerboat Club Stu Jones:  170 videos- club poker run events, archived Powerboating in Paradise TV series, fast-paced sizzle reels, FPC girls videos
  • Manufacturer and dealer showcases- and full episodes of Boat Show TV that once aired on Sunsports
  • Motorcycle lifestyle, special events like Petersons Key West Poker Run, Toys in the Sun Run, Daytona Bike Week …etc.
3. Flash Thumb Drive:

This system is becoming the new-wave of video delivery for projects that range from 2GB to 16GB in file size. This takes into account most HD videos up to half-hour or more, and the beauty of the format is that is can be plugged into most desktop computers or into a port on the back of any smart TV.  We are currently ordering several hundred of these thumbdrives with FPC logo embossed, and members will start to see these (in lieu) of the BluRay disc.

4. Drop Box or Hightail Delivery:

Digital video files can be delivered via specialized services that allow the recipient to download content to a personal computer or hard drive. These are ideal for members/buyers who are far away, overseas, or live in areas where parcel or mail delivery is an obstacle.

How do I get my content or a custom video?

Florida Powerboat Club now has a full time editor, Mike Frenden, who is available to deliver your HD video content to you, and help you with the video of your dreams.

For the newcomers, it might be a simple clip last no more than 30 seconds of your boat, that you can post to your FB page or on Instagram account!! Or how about you poker run veterans who’ve  been in the club for over a decade, and have owned a few or more boats in that time frame…Imagine getting a custom video with ALL your boats, mixed in with fast upbeat music of your choice, and highlights of your favorite boating buddies thrown into the mix! It can all be done, the sky is the limit…as you have seen with our full-length, highly professional productions!

Costs for Typical Video Packages:

  1. Basic raw, uncut HD footage up to 3.00 minutes in length: Based on one hour studio time. $125/ flat rate. Social media formats available – (example Instagram – under :60 to post)
  2. Standard Music /cut video – up to 3 boats/ up to 5 minutes length:Your music selection – custom effects / logos included: $500 (4 hrs studio time)
  3. Polished Video Sizzle Reel with Music – up to 6 boats/ Up to 10:00 min in length: Three soundtracks – Must be sourced from no more than five events. ($900—$1,000)
    (A polished sizzle is a professionally produced video, with music, and a maximum of 5:00 minutes of narrated storyline – Voice over by Stu- as a narrated FPC production)
  4. Full Length Productions exceeding 10 minutes/ with expanded boat selection and customized content selection ( Quotations available- based on time)

ALL Productions qualify for delivery in formats for youtube and/or other social media platforms.

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