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Bahamas Blast 2022 EP 1

With a similar agenda to the June Bahamas Poker Run, Florida Powerboat Club staged a repeat performance for a fleet of twenty powerboat teams in early August, visiting all the popular boating hotspots including Bimini, Chub Cay, Nassau and Spanish Wells. With amazing summer boating conditions, the six-day adventure provided an action-packed escape to paradise!…


Bahamas Poker Run 2022 EP 1

The Florida Powerboat Club sets the course eastbound across the gulf stream to the Bahamas for a six day adventure that includes Bimini, Chub Cay, Nassau, and Spanish Wells. Fabulous summer weather provided great cruising conditions as over 20 teams enjoyed feeding the stingrays at Honeymoon Harbour, snorkeling at the Concrete shipwreck Sapona, then crossing…


2022 Bahamas Summer Blast Photo Gallery

FPC members and crew had an amazing time during our recent event, the 2022 Bahamas Summer Blast. With the beautiful sights of magnificent powerboats and wide open views, check out this gallery to see the Florida Powerboat Club members on the water!

2022 Bahamas Poker Run Photo Gallery

We had a blast at the 2022 Bahamas Poker Run! Florida Powerboat Club members set off for another great adventure from Miami to the Bahamas. Check out the gallery below of our members on the water as well as some of the beautiful stops along the way!

Bahamas Poker Run 2021 Episode 2

In this 2nd episode, we rejoin members of the Florida Powerboat Club as they explore paradise in the Bahamas, visiting popular islands of Bimini, Chub Cay, Nassau and Paradise Island. Stu Jones shares his on-board experience after a mechanical issue forced Project 1080 to make a 13-hour idle-speed journey across the Bahama bank, followed by…


Bahamas Poker Run 2021 Episode 1

Join the Florida Powerboat Club as 23 Poker Run teams take part in the 30th Annual Bahamas Poker run to Bimini and beyond. It was a choppy Gulfstream crossing but worth the effort for these adventurous boaters, who visited Bimini, Chub Cay, and Nassau for a six-day getaway!  


2021 Bahamas Poker Run Photo Gallery 2

FPC had a great time showing off our boats from Miami to Bimini! Powerboats of all kinds were seen making waves and blazing through the water. Our photo team captured some truly magnificent overhead shots and boat close-ups. Check out the gallery below!

2021 Bahamas Poker Run Photo Gallery 1

With more progress in our country on administering vaccines and lightened restrictions for traveling boaters, Florida Powerboat Club was ready to hit the water once more to have a great time boating and relaxing in the Bahamas! The team had a great ride from Miami to Bimini on the 30th Annual Bahamas Poker Run with…


Bahamas Poker Run Episode 2

Join Stu Jones and the Florida Powerboat Club members on this 6-day summer boating adventure from Miami to several islands in the Bahamas. This 2nd episode rejoins the group after they’ve enjoyed their first two days in Bimini feeding stingrays and snorkeling at the Sapona shipwreck, and they now continue eastbound across the Bahama Bank…