Registration NOW OPEN to 20 Boats for Florida Havana Powerboat Rally!

FPC recently reached out to our members to determine best dates for our 2nd Annual Florida Havana Powerboat Rally. The majority of boaters suggested that the new May 18th departure date worked best for them, which allows us to participate in the Havana Bay Boat Parade, potentially making history as the largest-ever American flag flotilla…


2017 FPC Miami Boat Show Poker Run — Saturday Gallery

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s FPC Miami Boat Show Poker Run, we hate to say you missed out on an INCREDIBLE event! For a sneak peek of the FPC Girls of Miami, and a little bit of the action from Saturday on the Poker Run, check out the gallery below!

2017 FPC Miami Boat Show Poker Run — Friday Gallery

On the second day of the 2017 FPC Miami Boat Show Poker Run, the FPC crew ventured down to Gilbert’s Resort in Key Largo! Docking up for lunch at Gilbert’s Tiki Bar allowed us a little time to regroup before heading down to Marathon. Check out the gallery, below, featuring some of the best shots…


2017 FPC Miami Boat Show Poker Run — Thursday Gallery

Every year, tons of people flock to Florida for one of the biggest events of the year…. the Miami Boat Show! And, every year, we hit the water immediately after the show for an unforgettable poker run. Check out the gallery, below, from the 2017 FPC Miami Boat Show Poker Run, featuring Thursday’s festivities!

World Powerboat Club Now Seeking Ambassadors!

Imagine a global Powerboating community with easy access to boating clubs, poker run events, and passionate people… JUST LIKE YOU! It’s no secret that the powerboating lifestyle has become the fabric of our lifestyle for many Floridians, and it’s likely the main attraction that brought some of us here to Florida in the first place….…


Powerboating In Paradise — Key West 2016 Edition

ONE BIG ISSUE… ONE BIG EVENT… The latest edition of Powerboating in Paradise has officially been released! IN THIS ISSUE: Letter from the FPC President, Stu Jones — Reflection on the 25th Anniversary milestone, and uniting the powerboating community Key West Poker Run 2016 — Day–By–Day recap of the signature poker run of the year…