Bahamas Summer Blast

July 16-21, 2024



Note: Schedule subject to change. Updated itineraries will be provided to all event participants at check in.

Schedule coming soon

All registration applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. The registered boat owner must be an active member with Florida Powerboat Club. (Subscription or Social membership are not qualified member programs)
  2. For Bahamas, registered boats may be 30-80 feet in length, with a minimum of two (2) engines, and must be fully insured with liability coverages and Towboat US Unlimited towing plan*. A proof of insurance must be submitted in the form of a declaration page. (Detailed and accurate engine data, horsepower and performance specifications must also be submitted to company officials- Service details may be requested by FPC for new members with used equipment to ensure equipment reliability and safety of participants.)
  3. First-time captains & co-drivers joining Bahamas event must attend a mandatory captains safety meeting and customs clearance workshop on the evening prior to departure. Captains will sign a safety waiver which includes compliance with guidelines. FPC forbids consumption of Alcoholic beverages, strong medications or drugs that diminish operating skills, prior to or during the boating event or poker run.
  4. ALL OCCUPANTS (including passengers) of the vessel must sign safety waiver provided by Florida Powerboat Club prior to departure.
  5. All OCCUPANTS are required to wear USCG approved Personal flotation devices during on-plane operation.
  6. All participants are required to have their vessels in compliance with USCG safety standards.
  7. TOWBOAT US UNLIMITED PLAN- This program insures that any broken or distressed boat can get towed home from Bahamas at minimal cost with expedited dispatch. Program may be purchased directly through FPC office.