Bahamas Summer Blast

August 12-17, 2021

With more progress in our country on administering vaccines and lightened restrictions for Florida boaters returning to the state on private vessels, we are happy to announce that our Bahamas trips are back on the calendar.

Please see details about Covid testing and securing a Bahamas visa below, and start planning ahead for these exciting summer escapes to Paradise in the Bahamas!

At this time, the only testing requirement for any travelers to the Bahamas, will be a negative covid test 5-days prior to arrival, which must be submitted online to secure a Bahamas travel visa. Upon securing the visa and presenting at entry to Bimimi, visitors have up to four days to depart from the Bahamas, with no further requirement for testing. If a guest stays longer, on the 5th day a local covid test must be conducted in Bimini.

Upon returning to Florida on a private vessel, boaters are not required by the State of Florida to submit a covid test, although we would highly recommend all visitors make the effort to do so, immediately upon returning.

Full details and links to the Bahamas government website will be provided upon registration!


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