Bahamas Poker Run

AUGUST 17-22, 2022


Updated July 6, 2022:

After a recent June 2022 Bahamas run with FPC, we have decided to alter our travel agenda for the August event, due to high demand in Bahamas and various logistics challenges. Our new dates take a mid-week departure from Miami, to avoid crowded hotels and attractions in Bimini.  We will take a early WED departure from Haulover Marine Center, crossing the gulf stream t to Resorts World Bimini Hilton. This will give attendees most of Wed, and all day Thursday to enjoy the area attractions, including Honeymoon Harbour for stingray experience, Sapona shipwreck for snorkeling, and the beautiful North Bimini beaches for anchoring and soaking up the sun! By Friday, as the rush of boaters and cruise ship visitors takes over Bimini, we’ll be on our way across the Bahama Bank to Chub Cay for a lunch stopover, then Atlantis Paradise Island for three more days.

While in Nassau/Paradise Island, guests will stay at the luxurious Reef Tower at Atlantis, with the first full day to enjoy the amenities, including the many pools, Rapids water park, The Dig and of course the casino and dining nightlife on property. For our Sunday day-trip, we’ll explore local islands with many options to choose, including Spanish Wells, Sampson Cay, and Compass Cay…all within 50 miles of Paradise Island.

We’ll be fueled and ready to go Sunday evening, for the Monday departure returning to Miami and homeports, with a stopover planned in Bimini (or Andros Island) for fuel and lunch.


At this time Bahamas has removed any Covid testing requirements, therefore no testing (nor vaccination cards) are required for entering, or returning from the Bahamas.  Also, the practice of creating a Bahamas Visa with medical insurance is no longer necessary. Visitors are still required to have a valid Passport for entry to Bahamas, and all captains must use the CLICK2CLEAR app to register their boat and crew, in order to clear customs/immigration and acquire the cruising permit.

Bahamas Customs/ Entry Costs: 

  • $ 300 for all boats 35′ foot and up. Includes 3 crew on board, $ 20 pp additional. (example crew of six: $ 360)
  • $150 for all boats under 35′ foot on their registration document.
  • Paid entry fee entitles boat owner to a 2nd visit at no additional cost within 90-days
  • Note: Copy of vessel registration required for clearance, along with all crew passports and immigration card for each individual person. These cards will be furnished by FPC at Miami check-in, or can be mailed to participants prior to the run.     Contact FPC for further questions: 954-545-1414

Note: Schedule subject to change. Updated itineraries will be provided to all event participants at check in.

Tuesday Aug 16
Arrive North Miami – Staging at Haulover Marine Center (local hotels available) FPC Shuttle will be operating

7PM Capt. Meeting at Trump International. Meeting not compulsory for those departing from alternate ports. This meeting is a presentation and “workshop format” addressing all trip details and customs clearance procedures. If this is your first Bahamas adventure (or) if you are not familiar with the new “Click2Clear” process, we strongly suggest attending.

Wednesday Aug 17
7AM – Early departure to avoid rough seas / Breakfast served dockside. Helicopter will accompany boats on departure for the first segment of the run. Arrival in Bimini to clear customs followed by local daytrips for snorkeling – stingray feeding and area attractions. Afternoon checkin at Resorts World Bimini ( north Bimini)

Thursday Aug 18
11 Am – depart for local boating – Sapona shipwreck – Honeymoon Harbour- North Bimini beaches. Later rendezvous at Monkey Business pool bar for happy hour. Prepare & fuel boats for Friday am departure.

Friday Aug 19
Return to Florida OR continue the adventure with the extended trip to Atlantis, Paradise Island. Stopover in Chub Cay (90 miles) for fuel & lunch, then 40 miles to complete the run into Atlantis, Paradise Island. (Nassau)

Saturday Aug 20
Resort relaxation day- Atlantis waterpark and resort attractions. No trips planned

Sunday Aug 21
10AM – Daytrip planned to local islands. Options: Spanish Wells or Compass Cay. Later- Prepare & fuel boats for Monday morning departure.

Monday Aug 22
10AM – Return to Florida. Approx 200+ miles- Stopover in Andros or Bimini for refuel (depending on fuel availability)

Event Fees & General Costs

Powerboat Entry: $1,200 (Captain + 1st mate, Extra crew: $ 200/pp)

  • Making discounted reservations at all (3) hotels and marina stays on behalf of captain & crew (member pays fees directly to hosting facility)
  • Access to FPC courtesy shuttle for transfers from staging marina to/from hotel Tues/Wed.
  • Souvenir Captains bag and special event poker run event tees for entire crew.
  • Assistance with required US customs and Bahamas clearance documents. Workshop before departure.
  • Required yellow quarantine and Bahamas courtesy flag kit included.
  • Dockside breakfast for all crew -early morning before departure to Bimini
  • Helicopter aerials with FPC professional photo and video crew on event departure
  • Hospitality functions, receptions and welcome parties on at least (3) occasions. (these functions will included light catering and at in some cases bar offering)
  • Friday stopover lunch at Chub Cay Bahamas for crew included. (pre-order with menu in captains kit)
  • Boating day trips schedule in Bimini (Wed arrival day and Thursday)
  • Organized stingray feeding in Bimini with feeding bait provided to participants
  • Boating day trip planned in Nassau area (scheduled for Sunday)

Extra Crew: $ 200/pp (Includes entry to functions and all services and/or provisions as outlined for Captain & 1st mate

Additional Fees & Costs:

Acquire US CUSTOMS/CBP Sticker:
$27.50—Pay with application/renewal –

Bahamas Customs Clearance:
Vessel under 35′: $150 (cash or CC)
Vessels over 35′: $ 300 cash or CC to clear ( for up to 3 on board)
For the 4th and additional passengers: Add $ 20 pp for Bahamas Customs.

Documents required to bring:
Valid passports for all passengers on board.
State Registration or USCG Documentation required for the vessel.

Be certain that your vessel is insured for the Bahamas.

Bahamas Preparation List:
Will be provided at time of registration. This list outlines all the FAQ’s and helps you prepare for this big event. A captains workshop will be provided at Trump Int’l night before departure.

All registration applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. The registered boat owner must be an active member with Florida Powerboat Club. (Subscription or Social membership are not qualified member programs)
  2. For Bahamas, registered boats may be 30-80 feet in length, with a minimum of two (2) engines, and must be fully insured with liability coverages and Towboat US Unlimited towing plan*. A proof of insurance must be submitted in the form of a declaration page. (Detailed and accurate engine data, horsepower and performance specifications must also be submitted to company officials- Service details may be requested by FPC for new members with used equipment to ensure equipment reliability and safety of participants.)
  3. First-time captains & co-drivers joining Bahamas event must attend a mandatory captains safety meeting and customs clearance workshop on the evening prior to departure. Captains will sign a safety waiver which includes compliance with guidelines. FPC forbids consumption of Alcoholic beverages, strong medications or drugs that diminish operating skills, prior to or during the boating event or poker run.
  4. ALL OCCUPANTS (including passengers) of the vessel must sign safety waiver provided by Florida Powerboat Club prior to departure.
  5. All OCCUPANTS are required to wear USCG approved Personal flotation devices during on-plane operation.
  6. All participants are required to have their vessels in compliance with USCG safety standards.
  7. TOWBOAT US UNLIMITED PLAN- This program insures that any broken or distressed boat can get towed home from Bahamas at minimal cost with expedited dispatch. Program may be purchased directly through FPC office.
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